5 Reasons Why Your Start-up Should Use Meteor.js For Development

Start-ups all over the world are using Meteor.js for their app development. Meteor development allows you to produce a better product in a shorter amount of time not only saving time but reducing cost. The platform uses Javascript and allows you to create apps for iOS, Android or the web. Here are five reasons why Meteor.js is the best choice for startups:

1. You can work more quickly

Startups need to be able to build their products quickly and efficiently. Because Meteor.js uses the same language for its frontend and backend, the code base is the same which allows you to work more quickly, saving time and money on the building process but also the development team. Learn more about why you should choose meteor.js

2. You can work on multiple platforms at once

With Meteor.js, you can use the same code base to develop an iOS, Android, web and desktop versions of your app. This streamlines the development process and cuts down on the time and resources that you will need to produce your final product.

3. The final product is reactive and responsive

Meteor.js allows you to create an app that is capable of live page updates. This will put your final product on par with apps like Twitter and Facebook. Good quality is key when your startup is trying to attract attention from big investors and users.

4. Other top startups are using it with great success

Hundred of startups are using Meteor, including Workpop, Respondly, Magic, and Stockbase. Meteor.js is a tool that will help new businesses get ahead, by creating top-quality digital platforms.

5. It comes with a community 

The Meteor community is international, with meetups, user groups, community sites like WeWork Meteor and much more making it easier to hire your development team.  And there are over 6,000 open source packages that you can use to develop your app. Check out the meteor FAQ for more info.

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