The advantages of Meteor for mobile application developers

Meteor has sprung up to become a major tool in the world of developers. As business moves increasingly towards mobile platforms, business owners and IT professionals need to do the same. Taking advantage of Meteor can help improve the overall mobile experience of both developer and user.

Monitor what is important to your application

You need to stay on top of essential information and how users are interacting with your application. With MeteorJS, you have access to tools designed to help you out in this regard. These tools include identifying clicks, “likes,” the kind of devices accessing your application and the length of time the application is used for – all of this is provided in real-time, offering important insights so you can alter and edit the application for future releases.

Smart packages

Sometimes, building from scratch is unnecessary. Why pound the grains to make flour when you can buy it ready made? With MeteorJS, smart packages are available, which help in the command terminal. Each small package is designed to provide a particular function. From connecting email to signing up for Twitter, the coding is already taken care of; designers just need to plug in and play.

Real time applications

As you’ll know if you have ever attempted to design a real-time application, it can often prove difficult. Very specific framework development is required to set all of this up, which itself requires a specific knowledge base. Many companies have looked outside of their current web team to hire MVP developer professionals or outsource developer services. With the development studio from Meteor, the application by default runs in real time. Depending on what the application is designed to do, this can prove especially helpful.

Simple yet effective

Whether you are new to the world of mobile application design or you’ve been in it for a while, simplicity is often the best practice. With the Meteor framework, you receive a very simple, clean development program. It provides easy, yet powerful JavaScript programming tools, making it easy to transition into this form of app development.

Learn more about Meteor and why work with Meteor or check out the Meteor FAQ.

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