A good startup MVP starts with the right technology

Software startups are expected to build, launch and iterate quickly but the more ambitious your product, the more difficult it can be to get to market. Startups not only need to have the right idea, but also the right combination of technology, features, and strategy. Even if you plan to launch in beta, you still need something that people can actually use, that you can iterate quickly, and that you can distribute wherever your customers are.

If you want to roll out a strong minimum viable product, get useful feedback, and be able to iterate efficiently, than your planning needs to include real due diligence around the choice of programming language, platforms and partners.

Programming language

Whether you’re building for mobile or desktop, SaaS or on-premise, you need to make sure you pick a language that meets your needs in terms of speed, cost, and flexibility. For example, if you’re expecting your web application to do a lot of writes, then you might use node.js because of the asynchronous I/O.


Where will your startup MVP be running? The needs of an iOS app are very different than something running through Chrome on a laptop (or Chromebook). Going further, you not only need to think about where your MVP will run at launch, but also where you want it to run in the future. Taking the time to plan for different devices, operating systems and hardware will save you time down the road. You should also consider the total cost of ownership for IDEs and anything you need to license.


Depending on your target audience, you may need to integrate closely with another piece of software. Make sure that you understand your partner’s requirements, APIs, and update plans early on so you aren’t left with unusable code or have to push back your launch. Learn more about Almog Development Studio and how we can help you with your next Startup MVP.

Startup MVP planning will make growth easier

It can be exciting to start coding and deploying, but early enthusiasm can lead to pain later if you don’t thinking thing through. Take the time to plan your MVP now and both iterations and growth will be easier later.

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