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What is Meteor?

Meteor, or MeteorJS is an open-source real-time JavaScript framework written using Node.js. Meteor allows for rapid development and prototyping and produces cross-platform code. Giving your the cross platform flexibility making it possible to leverage one code base for desktop, iOS and Android applications.

Why Should I Use Meteor?

Because Meteor use one language on the front end and back it end, it dramatically speeds development time and is great for rapid prototyping. Saving you cost and time plus Meteor make apps feel like top-tier web properties like Facebook or Twitter, or like a great desktop applications.

What’s Under The Hood?

Meteor is a complete open source platform built in pure JavaScript, MeteorJS is a essentially a grouping of really slick javascript frameworks and tools assembled in one place. Making it easier for developer and dramatically speeding up development time.

Browser and Mobile?

Yes you heard right, Meteor supports both web and mobile using Apache Cordova, Meteor can also connect to devices, existing applications and IoT. Providing robust options.

Who’s Behind Meteor?

Meteor is developed and maintained by the Meteor Development Group you can learn more about their mission and why they started Meteor here.

Are Developers Using Meteor?

Definitely, Meteor has an amazing international community and over 6,635 open source Meteor packages.

Are Companies Using Meteor in Production?

Yes there are some amazing web and mobile applications here are just a few

I also created a big list for this – Mega List Of Production Meteor Apps

Is There Press About Meteor?

Meteor has been getting lot’s of attention both from the developer community, journalist and top press sites. Here are some recommend articles:

  • Meteor pulls JavaScript technologies together, Infoworld
  • Meteor Is The App Platform For The New World Of Cloud-Client Computing, Forbes
  • Open-source Meteor takes a huge $11.2M first round; will Andreessen Horowitz get the cash back?, Venturebeat
  • Meteor Raises $20M To Build The One JavaScript Stack To Rule Them All, TechCrunch 
Can Meteor Scale?

This is always one of the first questions asked with any new technology, I remember when Ruby on Rails started to get traction everyone was saying this or when Node.JS first came out.

Generally scaling a product isn’t about the tech but more how you build it and you mange your data.  I recommend reading the following articles about Scaling Meteor

Is Meteor Secure?

Like every tech, application, framework or tool it’s only as secure as developer makes it. You can check out the following which covers Meteor security

What Meteor Packages Should I Use?

There are lot’s of great Meteor packages and an amazing Meteor community, I have currently tested in production the following packages Common meteor packages I use in my apps and development

Are You A Meteor Partner

Yes, I’m an Official Meteor Partner

Are You A Meteor Prime Partner?

No I’m not a Meteor Prime Partner, while the “Prime Partner Program” might sound like it creates a difference between Meteor partners and selects the higher or more experienced partners it does not. The prime program is a pure ads system based on payment to Meteor Development Group, for $700 per month you become a “Prime Partner” and get preferred listing. While this might be worth it to some partners at this time I don’t believe it’s worth it nor reflects providers that have strong experience in Meteor. Looking at the current prime partners a number of them have very little experience in Meteor. I feel it’s just buying an ad to be at the top and has no merits as a service provider.

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