AppInsight Security Platform

Israeli security startup AppInsight which has raised $2.3 million seed round  is a mobile application security platform which identifies security vulnerabilities. AppInsight generates security vulnerability reports for any app, along with detailed remediation guidelines, automatically and without any integration to the development process. AppInsight continuously scan your apps for the latest known vulnerabilities and proactively alerts you when new threats to your app are detected, prioritized according to severity level. AppInsight ranks the security posture of your apps, compared to other millions apps which already been analyzed.

Almog Development Studio was brought in to develop the entire front facing business application connecting to AppInsight’s security engine.

What I did

Full Development (business facing app), Theme customization, setup & integration


Meteor / Node, AppCaching, MongoDB, SendGrid (SMTP), Rest Integration, Upload package, PDF / CSV export, Custom user accounts

  • AppInsight-1
  • AppInsight-2
  • AppInsight-3
  • AppInsight-4
  • AppInsight-5

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