Bayer Wii Based Flash Game

While working at Tamooz Marketing Communications, Bayer required custom flash development services I developed a Flash based game with a moderator. Considering that Bayer had already created an Nintendo DS game that went with one of their products. It seemed right to create a multi-player Flash based Wii Game that was customized to the Bayer brand and offered more than a simple quiz.

The game has to two stages were up to 4 participants can play using the Wii remote, each participant races to the finish line to receive points afterwards there tasked with answering questions that relate to Bayer’s products and key messages the participant that receives the most points wins a prize.


Tamooz / Bayer

What I did

Development, Design, UX / UI, Concept


Flash, ActionScript 3, Flash Wii Sever, Wii

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