Coffee Hustle – Meteor Telescope

Proper Ventures, a new company partly supported by Sensory Lab required the customization of Meteor Telescope App , an open-source social news app built with Meteor.

For Coffee Hustle an experiment in professional coffee on the web. A framework to encourage the creation and sharing of professional coffee knowledge. Coffee Hustle is a broad vision that will eventually encompass all sorts of content, classes, tools and equipment, with input from the coffee community.

I did the full setup from beginning to end (hosting, database, email, ect..) forCoffee Hustle using Meteor Telescope and provided a number of customization including user generated post flagging options with a custom admin section, user roles (guest / membership) with restricted access across the site and admin settings section, full Stripe integration, custom templates and a custom Telescope plug-in for post rich text editing

What I did

Development, Telescope plugin development, customization, setup & integration


Meteor / Node, Meteor Telescope, MongoDB, Mailgun (SMPT), Stripe (Payment Integration), API Integrations


More Projects

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