Fliex Interactive Attraction

While working at Tamooz Marketing Communications, Medtronic required custom kiosk development platform and interactive attraction that would help physicians attending a yearly convention understand that different types of pain a patient experience and how there medical product could help that patient.

This was done by building an interactive life like doll named “Fliex” which had internal LEDs that would play a specific animation depending on the type of pain he might experience, in return animated scenarios would play showing how Medtronic’s medical product would relieve that pain.

Each participant had a computer station that had a custom desktop application which explained each scenario that was synced to Fliex. The application would also demonstrate different medical products and ask a number of questions once the participant answered an individual question he would then see what other participants answered (real time benchmarking).


Tamooz / Medtronic

What I did



ActionScript, Flash, ASP

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