Intel Israel Dynamic Kiosk

Working in partnership with Dofinity, I developed a dynamic touch-screen kiosk (Kiosk Software) for Intel Israel. The kiosk was installed at the main lobby in all of Intel’s buildings located in Israel.

The kiosk lists relevant information for points of interests such as meeting rooms, cafeterias, and restrooms. It also feature floor maps giving visitors and Intel Israel employees an easy way to find what they’re looking for.

The custom kiosk software has complete dynamic loading of data from a Drupal based back-end developed by Dofinity, offering Intel Israel an easy way to update content.

I was in charge of developing the dynamic touch screen kiosk, the development was done using Adobe AIR and ActionScript 3. I used the RobotLegs framework which insured the kiosk remained extend-able and robust. Using a local SQL database and a custom framework I added an online to offline synchronization feature to insure content is always accessible and up to date.

Extra features were added; from application auto update options to a screen saver.


Dofinty / Intel

What I did

Development, Design, UX/UI, API Integrations


Adobe AIR, ActionScript 3, RobotLegs, MySQL, Drupal connection via REST API’s

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