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In partnership with Comwerks Interactive an interactive agency based in Singapore, I was tasked with the development of a Facebook application and game for Nokia. Nokia required an interactive social Facebook application and game to help spread the word and drive traffic to the Nokia OVI store. (In this post I will discuss the application and not the game).

Feed Your Addiction is an interactive Flash application mimicking a vending machine where users can view the top ten mobile applications for Nokia OVI store. Users can interact with the vending machine by choosing mobile applications and receiving relevant information like price, screen shots and content text about the mobile app.

Feed Your Addiction also has an option for users to choose an app they like and send it to a friend fully integrating the Facebook API, once users see an mobile app they like they can click on the icon to download the app from the Nokia OVI store.

The best part of Feed Your Addiction is not just the vending machine but the fully interactive game “Fusspot” which integrates the Facebook API for a global score board. To see more about the Nokia Facebook game “Fusspot” click here!


Comwerks Interactive / Nokia

What I did

Development, Animations


Facebook API, Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP & MySql

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