Nokia Facebook Game

In partnership with Comwerks Interactive an interactive agency based in Singapore, I was tasked with the development of a Facebook application and game for Nokia.

Nokia required an interactive social B2B Facebook application and game to help spread the word and drive traffic to the Nokia OVI store. (In this post I will discuss the interactive game and not the application).

Fusspot is an interactive Facebook game, where users need to spot the difference between two images to receive points and advance to the next level. The game has all the features you would expect in an interactive game from a score counter, hint option, level count and a game timer with a bonus counter.

But the best feature of Fusspot is not just the great game play but the global scoreboard which uses the Facebook API. The Fusspot scoreboard shows every players global rank, highest level, number of tries.

But that’s not the best part, the best part is the option to see your Facebook friends score and just your rank fully integrating the Facebook API.

Don’t forget to check the full post about the Nokia Facebook application “Feed Your Addiction”.


Comwerks Interactive / Nokia

What I did

Development of game, full game backend and database, animations


Facebook API, ActionScript 3, PHP & MySql, XML

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