SortFix Website

SortFix is a young and innovative search technology company, devoted to enrich your search experience.

SortFix hired me to provide flash development services and create their new search application, as part of that project I was also asked to develop their new website.

Considering that there search application is built with Flash with a unique concept based on drag and drop, touch and power words we also felt that the site should be in Flash.

I developed a simple Flash website that would load fast and utilize Liquid Flash Layout. Some of the technology’s behind the site are SWFAddress for deep linking in Flash, gaforflash which is Google Analytics Tracking for Adobe Flash, the new Adobe text framework for multilingual text support and a Flash version of the Addthis platform for social distribution.



What I did



ActionScript 3, TweenLight, Liquid Layout, SWFAddress, gaforflash

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