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Kickstart your idea with Almog Development Studio, we help startups move from idea to product. Let us focus on technology so you can focus on your idea.

Why Almog Development Studio?

We’re Entrepreneurs

We’re entrepreneurs as well and we’ve built our own products and have had our own funded startups we understand and know what is takes to kick start an idea.

Technical Co-founder

We’re your technical co founder with software development at the heart of it and believe in choosing the right technologies for the task in hand.

Specialize In Startups

We create awesome real-time websites and mobile apps and have strong experience in working with startups. We understand startup lean methodology and know how to take an idea to startup MVP.

UX Superhero

Great designer-developers are a rare breed – part artist, part coder, part consultant. Our background in design & programming enables us to create pixel perfect experiences.

JavaScript Experts

We specializes in crafting modern JavaScript based web & mobile applications that are fast, flexible, real-time and provide significant benefits for users.


Our Process

Our rapid product development and data-driven development process focuses effort toward measurable business goals. We believe simplicity combined with a custom innovative approach to each project is the key to a successful experience.

  • Brief

    Before we begin writing any code, we want to create a clear roadmap and set transparent expectations to make sure we are completely aligned.

  • Develop

    At this point, we will start to dig into the architecture and development of the project. We will go over design and UX as well.

  • Iterate

    You and have working software up that you can see and continuously monitor to view our progress and send us feedback.

  • Deploy

    Once we reach the end of the roadmap and have completed the scope of the project, we are ready to officially launch your product.

Case Studies

Security and Peace of Mind
Security and Peace of Mind
Manage Wasted Food
Manage Wasted Food
ERP for Farmers
ERP for Farmers


Start Your MVP

Let us help you with your MVP, contact us to get started!

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