Google Flutter

Build native mobile applications and games that are a delight to use, faster than you ever thought possible. Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase. Flutter speeds up the mobile app development process, reduces the cost of app production, and helps your team to build a beautiful app UI with smooth animations.

Why Google Flutter?

Faster Development

Flutter lets you develop native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase. No need to hire different developer per platform saving you time and cost.

Expressive and Flexible UI

Quickly ship features with a focus on native end-user experiences. Layered architecture allows for full customization, which results in incredibly fast rendering and expressive and flexible designs.

Native Performance

Flutter’s widgets incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts to provide full native performance on both iOS and Android.

Perfect for MVP

Do you need an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your app to show it to your investors? Or get you off the ground Flutter will be perfect, especially if you have little time and limited budget.

Open Source

Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source.

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