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Why I’m Loving Elixir

Elixir  Why I’m loving Elixir Development I have been a software developer for over 10 years now when I started as a developer back then “Frontend” was called a webmaster. We used Ajax calls and the popular JavaScript frameworks were JQuerry and MooTools. Java with Tomcat and PHP were the popular backend languages. Since then [...]

3 common issues with in-house MVP development

As you prepare yourself to develop an MVP for your startup, it’s important to carefully assess your options for the process — namely, in-house development, with permanent employees, or outsourced development, with the assistance of MVP development specialists. Each offers its own long list of pros and cons, well worth your consideration, but [...]

Best practices for startup MVP development

A well-designed MVP serves the savvy startup quite well in transforming ideas into profits, but it’s crucial that you follow a few guidelines along the way. For every company that’s burst through the door with a great MVP and kick started amazing success, another has floundered with an incomplete, ill-advised launch of something quite far […]

The biggest missteps when developing MVPs

Developing towards a minimal viable product makes a lot of sense in modern markets, but there are quite a few ways for a nascent company to put its foot in the muck and find itself out a lot of capital to no benefit. To make sure your team gets everything right for developing MVP’s, make […]

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