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How to setup dynamic open graph meta tags in your Flutter web app

Flutter Meta Tags

So I'm working on my first Flutter web app. In general, I got into Flutter back in 2018 because I was interested in cross-platform mobile development and embedded or IoT development. I didn't think I would develop a web-based platform in Flutter before Flutter. I was working in ReactJS, which is perfect for web-based apps; however, an opportunity from one of my clients presented itself to create a simple app using Flutter web. Taking on this new project, I ran into different minor challenges… Continue reading (7 min read)

Flutter Tips & Tricks #2 - Remove The Hashtag From URL

Flutter Tips & Tricks #2

As you know, Flutter web is a single-page app (SPA), and like most SPA apps, they add a hashtag in the URL, which is fine in the majority of SPA frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular as they support server-side rendering or have options for this. Still, in Flutter web currently, as of version 2.2, there is no support for this. The issue that I ran into was using Firebase hosting and Firebase rewrites. Now, this might not be a big deal if you're hosting your app on a different server or using a… Continue reading (1 min read)

Flutter Tips & Tricks #1 - Dart toImage Issue for Flutter Web

Flutter Tips & Tricks #1

So while working on one of my client's projects, an excellent stock comparison web app Wiijii were using the Flutter Syncfusion charting package. It's a great package and has a lot of built-in features that we need. For example, generating images from the created charts, we need the image of the chart for the open graph meta tags for social sharing. Everything was working on desktop both in the chrome and safari web browsers; however, each time we tried to generate a stock comparison on mobile… Continue reading (1 min read)

Big News From Flutter Engage 2021

Flutter Engage

So I just finished watching the Flutter Engage live event, and woo, there has been some big news coming out, which is very exciting. First, everyone expected the web to be released as a stable version and desktop to get version bump going to development. Now I had a feeling that desktop would also be released as stable because ubuntu posted about hiring a Flutter developer a couple of days before the event. But there is no way of knowing. Guess what? Flutter 2 has been released and it's stable… Continue reading (1 min read)

Flutter Adoption - Amazon and Ubuntu Hiring

Amazon Flutter Dev

I have had a number of clients ask me about Flutter adoption, it's mostly clients looking to developer a mobile or desktop app and when they speak with different development studios or agencies they always suggest using React-Native. Now that is a great question, you don't want to develop your mobile app and not be able to find any developers or have a tech disappear like all those JavaScript framesworks of switching a JS framwork is much eaiser than a full mobile application. Now of course I… Continue reading (2 min read)

Must have Visual Studio Code Plugins For Flutter Development — 2021

VS Code

I love Visual Studio code for me it's one of the best code editors that had come out and over my years I have used a number of editors for text pad, Webstorm, Sublime, IntelliJ, VIM (which I hated), Atom which was really good and many more. I guess the question is why to use it, I mean with Flutter development you can use Android Studio and that is correct basically I prefer VS code for the following reasons: Its super lightweight Easy to customize I can easily switch between different coding… Continue reading (4 min read)

48 Hour Flutter Mobile App — Part 1

Flutter TikTok App

4 days ago, I decided to develop a basic but full working Flutter app around TikTok within 48 hours. This was mostly a challenge to myself and a way to try a couple of things in Flutter that I have not done yet; I announced this in the following blog post “Develop a Flutter App within 48 hours?” So was I able to develop a Google Flutter App in 48 hours? Well, yes and no. Wait, what do you mean? The was done in 48 hours, and it looked great. The only thing that I did not do was app icons and an… Continue reading (1 min read)

Develop a Flutter App within 48 hours?

Flutter TikTok App

So out of nowhere after being in a developer slump or a developer version of writer's block. I had an idea for a mobile app that pulls data from TikTok and with that idea came all this crazy energy to just code, you know put your down and code, no eating, nothing just coding (I am taking my dog out). I started and I decided to see if I can develop a fully working mobile up in Google Flutter within 48 hours. Now I think it will take 72 hours as I do want it to look amazing. So I’m just taking a… Continue reading (1 min read)