Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about. Ashleigh Brilliant

Almog – Development Studio – Creating Pixel Perfect Experiences

What I Do

I love creating applications that are engaging and usable and believe simplicity combined with a custom innovative approach to each project is the key to a successful experience.

My Approach

I tackle development projects of all sorts and believe in choosing the right technologies for the task in hand. I’m proficient in a wide range of development solutions.

How I Do It

Great designer-developers are a rare breed – part artist, part coder, part consultant. That’s me! My background in design, programming & startups enables me to create pixel perfect experiences.

From Idea to Production

I know what it takes to go from idea to production because I have done it before.
I’m an experienced entrepreneur with previous funded startups and have been fortunate
to attend some of the top accelerator programs. Working with me you get top-notch
experience in development, user experience and product bringing your idea to life.


AppInsight Security Platform

AppInsight a mobile application security platform which identifies security vulnerabilities. AppInsight generates security vulnerability reports for any app, along with detailed remediation guidelines, automatically and without any integration to the development process. A


Spoiler Alert, a B2B real-time marketplace for wasted food

Spoiler Alert is a business-to-business platform that helps organizations manage otherwise wasted food. Spoiler Alert connects businesses with healthy surplus food and valuable organic waste to organizations that can quickly put it to use.


Linkly – Collaboration Around Links

Linkly makes it ease to share and discuss ideas thru links. Linkly is real-time collaboration platform developed using Meteor, MongoDB and external services. Supported both on the web and mobile.


Platfarm – ERP Software For Farmers

Platfarm enables agriculture stakeholders to collect, communicate, analyze and report information. Meteor web app with both offline database and offline browser caching supported.

Get In Touch

Have a project or an idea you are working on? Let me know how I can help!

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