Flutter Adoption - Amazon and Ubuntu Hiring


I have had a number of clients ask me about Flutter adoption, it's mostly clients looking to developer a mobile or desktop app and when they speak with different development studios or agencies they always suggest using React-Native.

Now that is a great question, you don't want to develop your mobile app and not be able to find any developers or have a tech disappear like all those JavaScript framesworks of switching a JS framwork is much eaiser than a full mobile application.

Now of course I can always say google is developing it, they are using it on a number of big google mobile apps like the google ads app, I can send them great showcase showing big compaines using Flutter or a bunch of blog posts about Adoption statistics like this great meduim post. Which shows this.

Flutter Stats

But for me the biggest thing around Adoption is who is hiring for Flutter developers at the end of the day if developers need work and they will go to where the work is so seeing Amazon and Ubuntu hiring Flutter developers says it all

Ubuntu Flutter Developer

Check out the job posting

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