Develop a Flutter App within 48 hours?


So out of nowhere after being in a developer slump or a developer version of writer's block. I had an idea for a mobile app that pulls data from TikTok and with that idea came all this crazy energy to just code, you know put your down and code, no eating, nothing just coding (I am taking my dog out).

I started and I decided to see if I can develop a fully working mobile up in Google Flutter within 48 hours. Now I think it will take 72 hours as I do want it to look amazing. So I’m just taking a short 5 min break to write this case why not, I’m up all night aways.

So far this is what I got it's getting there.

Let’s Work Together

If you have an app idea in mind or you need some advice about development, product UX/UI, contact me. Currently my time books quickly, so the sooner you write, the better it is for both of us.

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