Linkly – Collaboration Around Links

Linkly makes it ease to share and discuss ideas thru links. Linkly is real-time collaboration platform developed using Meteor, MongoDB and external services. Supported both on the web and mobile (web app, meteor app development).

Linkly has a built in notifications system with support for in app message and designed notifications via email. A public page system where users can create public topics and people can subscribe for updates via email.

I also added custom email integration where a user can email a link to a dynamically generated address and that link would then be add to their topic.

Linkly was developed under Almog Design (under Almog Design Labs) providing meteor software development.

What I did

Development, Design (used template), UX / UI, Wireframes, Concept


Meteor / Node, MongoDB, Mandrill (SMPT), Stripe (Payment Integration), API Integrations

More Projects

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