Software Engineering might be science; but that’s not what I do.

I’m a hacker, not an engineer.

Jamie Zawinski

I build engaging software helping companies large and small achieve their goals. I’m proficient in a wide range of development solutions and can help you take your product from idea to market.

Full Stack Development

Platforms & Marketplaces

Interactive Games

Mobile Development

MVP Development

Imaginative Rich Web Apps

Core Values

One Project

My strict one project at a time rule means your project gets my undivided attention.


Engaging development is one thing. Seamless project management is another. I provide both, adding value by applying logic, simplicity and organizational excellence to my clients’ projects.


My broad experience in development solutions means I deliver unbeatable results every time.


My commitment to usability, user experience and creating engaging software means your product will get the best results.


I know what it takes to go from idea to production, because I have done it before.


I stay right at the forefront of new developments and monitor trends. So the work I do for you is bang up to date. You’ll find me approachable and professional.


I love working with the best and latest frameworks like Google Flutter, React, React-Native, and Elixir. I’m able to leverage one code base for desktop, web, iOS, Android and connected devices.

  • We hired Almog R&D to build our MVP in Meteor b/c of his experience with the framework. While the project took longer than expected (tell me one that doesn't), we always followed the budget - with minimal scope reduction. The end result was a platform that was simple to refactor and easy to develop new features.

    Philip Meyer
    Philip Meyer Lineups, CEO
  • A real Meteor expert. Bringing his wide experience to the consulting session with lots of code examples and best practice advises. I Highly recommend working with him.

    Avi Abramovitch
    Avi Abramovitch, QA Lead
  • My company hired Almog to build an interactive demo for a new SaaS product we launched. Almog was able to build the interactive demo, adhering to our specifications while remaining flexible as we submitted edits from our internal stakeholders. I would highly recommend Almog to anyone searching for a freelance developer.

    Erica Stevens
    Erica Stevens Cvent, Product Marketer
  • Almog is a truly professional developer who helped us in scaling a system we were building. The issues we faced took us by surprise and Almog was able to understand our system, find the bottlenecks and help our team resolve those issues to reach our next milestone. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to make sure they get it right the first time.

    Sudhanshu Aggarwal
    Sudhanshu Aggarwal Fizzy Software, Founder
  • Almog performed a non-trivial work for us using his expertise and vast knowledge implementing a flash component integrated with Drupal CMS. Almog fitted the project’s requirements over coming technical obstacles requiring a true professional.

    Ido Dardikman
    Ido Dardikman Dofinity, CEO
  • Almog had to deal with requirements from our customer that were neither trivial nor well defined. It included parsing a non well-defined XML file and converting it into flash htmlText presentation in RTL direction.

    Guy Tomer
    Guy Tomer AttracTV, CEO
  • Almog is an excellent developer full of ideas and add substantial value to each and every project. My expectations were fully met by his expertise and devotion and I would most definitely consider hiring Almog Development Studio again for a future project.

    Yohay Barsky
    Yohay Barsky SortFix, CTO
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