Gili W
Gili W provides easy, in-home, highly accurate simultaneous measurement of key health indicators for the heart, lungs, and overall stress using the Gil W sensor and mobile app.
About Gili W
Subtle changes in cardiac and pulmonary functioning aren’t always noticeable at first. The earlier cardiac and respiratory pattern changes are detected, the sooner the response and the better the outcome. Gili W sensor and mobile app detect and measure key heart, lung, and stress physiological parameters with exceptional accuracy intended to measure certain physiological parameters such as heart rate and respiratory rate, and to provide insights on health and wellness using Donisi’s AI-based analysis suite.
Project Description
Donis Health hired me to help convert their native android app to a full Flutter app, letting them launch iOS and android on the same code base. I was also in charge of onboarding their native android developers to Flutter and dart while teaching and providing best practices, development standards, and code reviews.
Main App Features
Great designer-developers are a rare breed – part artist, part coder, part consultant. That’s me! My background in user experience and development enables me to create pixel-perfect experiences.
BLE Bluetooth
Connect the Gili W sensor with your phone's Ble Bluetooth to run real-time measurements while saving your phone's battery usage.
QR Code Scaning
Easily set up the Gili W sensor with the intelligent QR code camera scanner and real-time positioning feedback.
Historical Tests
Each to access historical test data and single time (spot) measurements and personalized trend analysis.
Detect & Measure
Detect and measure key heart, lung and stress physiological parameters with exceptional accuracy.
Simple and clean designed visualized heart, lung and stress trends.
Share Well-Being Information
Share well-being information with family and caregivers.
Initial Problem
Android Only
Donis Health had a native Andriod app; however, as they started to explore the US market and onboarding US customers, they required an iOS app. Hiring new developers for iOS development and growing their development team would have taken too long and added extra cost.
Android Developers
Donis Health's mobile development team was native Andiord developers developing in Java with zero experience in iOS, Google Flutter, and Dart, which was a concern for upper management. In addition, they needed someone to onboard Flutter to the mobile dev team.
Classic Bluetooth
The previous Donis Health's android app used classic Bluetooth, which was outdated, and with iOS, it's recommended to use Ble Bluetooth. This was also a concern with the Donis Health hardware sensor and a question with Flutter able to provide support.
QR Code Scanning
The Donis Health's sensor pairs to the mobile app using a QR code as Flutter was still new. As a result, there were concerns if this was possible and if this process can be customed to fit Donis Health's use case.
Our Solution
Google Flutter to The Rescue
We used Google Flutter and the Dart programming language to redevelop the whole Gili W mobile app providing the client both iOS and Android apps under one codebase, not only doing this in record time but keeping developer cost down.
Team Lead & Consulting
I provided hands-on development and introduced Flutter to the mobile team with direct team leadership, consulting, teaching, recommendations, setting best practices, and code review.
Ble Bluetooth
We first tested out different Flutter Ble Bluetooth packages with the Donis Health's sensor. Once this was working and we felt like we had a good option, we wrapped the mobile app using a Flutter package.
Camera Scanner
I integrated a Flutter QR code camera scanning package and then extended it to meet and fit Donis Health's use case.
Finale Results
The final result was a high-performance mobile app developed in Google Flutter and Dart for iOS and Android. The new Gili W app used low energy Ble Bluetooth, QR code camera scanning to pair with the Donis health sensor. As a result, the mobile provides an easy-to-use user experience while showcasing Donis health brand.
What My Client Says
Guy Gargir
Software Manager @Donisi Health
Almog's proficiency in software development spans all project stages, from planning to deployment. His ability to brainstorm solutions to overcome hurdles was crucial to our successful app development, enabling the project to reach all milestones on time without compromising quality. I highly recommend working with him.
Technology I Used
I tackle development projects of all sorts and believe in choosing the right technologies for the task at hand. I’m proficient in a wide range of development solutions. Sine 2018, Google Flutter's first stable version, I have been focusing on mobile, desktop, smart screens, and IoT application development using Google Flutter. I consider myself a #FlutterDev.
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I love creating applications that are engaging and usable and believe simplicity combined with a custom innovative approach to each project is the key to a successful experience.
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